Backup Flatpak

Q: Is it possibe to backup flatpak (user data, apps, runtimes, etc) instead of downloading the apps and runtime again?

A: The answer is yes. For apps and runtimes, backup ~/.local/share/flatpak and /var/lib/flatpak. For data, backup ~/.var.

Then i tried with this scenario:

But, when i tried to update, the problem arose. It ends with

OSTree:ERROR:src/libostree/ostree-repo.c:3729:ostree_repo_load_file: assertion failed: (S_ISREG (stbuf.st_mode))

Tried to updating flatpak to 1.0.0 but the problem still happened. The problem already reported on GitHub issue. I think this is a problem with ostree. Ostree is just like git, zypper said that “Git for operating system binaries”. Maybe command like git stash or something like that on ostree will fix the problem (?).

By the way, about backup flatpak or copy flatpak to another disk, you should check this post. The idea is similar, instead of downlading the same apps and runtimes, we can just copy it to the disk and install it.