LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018: The Story

So here is a story from LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018 that i attended as committee, sponsor, exhibitor and backup speaker.

Day 0 #

Day 0 on Friday was workshop with Andika Triwidada, he is LibreOffice translator for Indonesian, i’m also work with him on GNOME l10n. Accidentally, after Sholat Jumat and lunch break, he still had a meeting with PENS director. The another committee asked me to backup him as speaker on translation topic. Fortunately, i’m only spoke about 30 minutes, and he came back. Backup Speaker (photo by M. Nurul Irfan)

Day 1 #

Day 1 was the first day of conference. The day before i prepared to spread 500 Endless DVDs and 400 Endless stickers into participant goody bag. That’s my responsible as Endless Ambassador. I’m also sent five Endless Mini for doorprize one week before. Thanks to Siska and Sendy as other Endless Ambassador and GNOME team who prepared and handled GNOME and Endless booth, also Septira and Sam from Endless. Day 0 i started with preparing openSUSE booth. We had many stickers from openSUSE at the booth, also The Special Edition of Linux Magazine. The only talk that i attended was “Why So Difficult To Recruite Female Contributor To FOSS?” by Umul Sidikoh. openSUSE booth handled by openSUSE-ID (photo by Edwin Zakaria) openSUSE booth crowd day 1 (photo by Edwin Zakaria)

Day 2 #

Day 2 was the last day of conference. Beside stand by at openSUSE booth. I attended three talks. The first talk was “Monitoring SLA with Prometheus and LibreOffice Calc” by Didiet Agus Pambudiono from Dicoding, KLAS, and openSUSE-ID. On this talk, he gave many gift as quiz to participant, i supported him with supplied some merchandise from openSUSE. The second talk was “SMK Sakti Goes Open Source” by Ananda Dwi Rahmawati. The last talk was “How To Contribute To Open Source Project As A Non-Coder?” by Rizki Kelimutu. It was interesting that i’m also non-coder, but i love to contribute to open source project. openSUSE booth crowd day 2 (photo by Edwin Zakaria) Me, Moko and Sokhibi (photo by Rania Amina)

Epilog #

I think i can claim that LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018 was the first and the biggest LibreOffice event in South East Asia nowadays, or Asia probably. So after met some people on this conference, we have some ideas and also good news, among others:

I would like to say thank you to all commitee, sponsors, speakers, participant, exhibitor and all of you that supported this event.

PS: Find the photos gallery here.