Happy Birthday GNOME - 20 Years Strong

The GNOME community is proud to celebrate 20 years of GNOME!


I’m a long time GNOME user since GNOME 2.18 on Ubuntu 7.04. Although in early versions of GNOME 3 I didn’t feel right with new UI, I started using it again since 3.16.

Today i’m found above tweet and visited http://happybirthdaygnome.org. At the timeline part i found GNOME 1.4 virtual machine. I’m really surprised. I never even used GNOME earlier versions. So here is the screenshot. GNOME 1.4 running on Red Hat Linux 7.2 with Kernel 2.4.7-10.

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-07-31/1-GRUB%200.90.jpg GRUB 0.90

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-07-31/2-Login.jpg Login

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-07-31/3-GNOME%201.4.jpg GNOME 1.4

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-07-31/4-Nautilus%201.4.jpg Nautilus 1.4

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-07-31/5-Mozilla% Mozilla

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-07-31/6-GIMP%201.2.1.jpg GIMP 1.2.1

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-07-31/7-System%20Information.jpg System Information