GCompris Hackathon: Indonesian Translation

So, here is a great news. #


A two-day sprint for translating GCompris, the high quality software designed for young children, held on September 16 and 17 in KodeKreatif Labs – a working space that often use for open source contribution in Indonesia – at Bogor, West Java.

The organizer of the sprint is Ahmad Haris, one of KDE Indonesia localization team. He’s also ex-Release Manager of the BlankOn project, an Indonesian Linux distribution derived from Debian Sid. Besides BlankOn, Haris has contributed to many FOSS projects like Ridon (Android with Local Taste), openSUSE, GNOME, LibreOffice and so on. Also, he cooperates deeply with the ezgo team – another Linux distribution full of open educational resources – in Taiwan. Having the third baby born recently, he would like to introduce GCompris to more young kids in Indonesia, to improve pre-school education environment with FOSS.

There has been 20 people from 3 provinces joining to this event. In this sprint, GCompris translation already reach 100%, and audio localization are on going. Everyone enjoy food and drinks and contribute to open source together.

This event also sponsored by Fans Shoes (shoes factory that 100% use BlankOn Linux and Inkscape as base of their daily productivity), Ridon (Android with Indonesia local taste) Community and Istana Media (open source book publisher).

The big next step for GCompris Indonesia Community are adding local contents to GCompris applications. The community will communicate with GCompris Developers to make this dream come true.

Pictures #

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/1.jpg The Gate

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/2.jpg Let’s Start

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/3.jpg So serious

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/4.jpg Explaining

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/12.jpg Unfortunately didn’t meet Andika Triwidada who contribute in various translation project. One of them is GNOME with me.

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/13.jpg Review

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/6.jpg Last man/girl standing

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/7.jpg Recording Session

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/8.jpg Recording Session

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/9.jpg Recording Session

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/10.jpg Me as sound enginner on GCompris Voices recording. Check my work here.

https://gitlab.com/cho2/blog-images/raw/master/2017-09-18/11.jpg PS: Because we also use and contribute to GNOME desktop, so we would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GNOME and Congratulations for GNOME 3.26 Release.

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